Used Car Auction Service, Korea’s Most Trustable Global Used Car Auto Auction, competitive vehicles easier and safer with the lowest pricing.

USED CAR KOREA NETWORK provides a service as an acting auctioneer behalf of global used car buyers. Bid on vehicles at wholesale price and gain an extra advantage on your final selling price! 100% Payment protection system will ensure your money is safe until we ship your vehicle. Bid and win with confidence. Online bidding has never been easier. Join our USED CAR KOREA NETWORK auction service and bid weekly from anywhere with safest and cheapest ways to purchase used cars around the world.

We provide a auction service from most popular auction providers such Glovis / AJ / Hey Dealer and we do not add margins but get TAX return to get lowest possible purchasing price to global buyers.


The name, UsedCarKorea.Net, reflects our pride and spirit: no matter how many obstacles we encounter in our way and how severe they are, we will overcome them and proudly take steps forward because our goals are always ahead of us, not behind.

  • 100% payment protection until your transaction and shipment are complete.
  • Auction used cars to be inspected professionally by the certified technicians.
  • Secure and complete the right innovation method for your buying experience.
  • One stop auction buying service include Payment / Export Permit / Shipment.

Auction Service Partner


Yes, Used Car Korea Network, UCKN is South Korea Government official Venture Company approved, registered and certified number at 20220818030053. Click to see ceritifed Document

Yes, we have 100 USD full inspection service includes full minimum 50 pictures and video of your car and full suggested repair report to ensure your car condition.

We do NOT add any profits on each Auction Service but get TAX REFUND applicable to local registered companies in Korea quarterly. Consequently, the total price will be composed of Auction winning price + Ocean Freight + 300 USD for local transfer. Importantly, 10% auction deposit can not be refund when the auction bid wins, however, auction bid fails we will refund fully back to your account excluding PAYPAL wire fee.

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UCKN Auction is absolutely wonderful!

I can’t believe it was this easy to buy my car from South Korea. UCKN definitely made Auction Service as simple as advertised. Whenever our company needs a used car in Korea, we would certainly love to use UCKN again!

– Franco from Chille, South Amercia

The payment was 100% protected and communication was perfect! Additionally, the car condition was just the same as what it described and guided from UCKN!

Auction Service Process

Auction List will be updated on every Friday 12 PM Korea Time. Please see all necessary information such

  • Model: You can find the car model
  • Item Number: This you need to type on below form. So we know which car you need.
  • Year: The year of Auction car
  • Odometer: The km of Auction car
  • Transmission: The transmission type of Auction car
  • Color: The exterior color of Auction car
  • Fuel: The fuel type of Auction car
  • Auction Bid Starting Amount in Korean won: This you need to calculate and provide Maximum Bid Amount and submit form on below. Based on your maximum Auction Bid amount, we will bid the amount to join a auction.

*Start Bid Price is starting price in KRW (Unit = 10,000 KRW) For example, 2,500,000 KRW refers to Starting price: 250, which you need to set maximum bid price in KRW above Starting price. Our suggestion is to add 200~400 USD to win the auction.
To Conver your currency to KRW to set Maximum bid price, please click Currency Exchange.

Based on Auction Service Form submitted, please fill each field and submit:

  • Company: Name of your company. It is option to fulfill.
  • Full Name: Please type your full name for the invoice and Export Permit.
  • Email Address: Your email address to share all updated legal information.
  • Country: The country you are living in and money transfer will make from.
  • What’App Number: Our International agent to contact you via what’s app.
  • Destination Port: This we need to provide ocean freight costs.
  • Shipping Method: Either RORO ( For 1 car) or Container (For more than 4 cars).
  • Auction Date: Date of Auction date, you can find from weekly Auction list excel file.
  • Auction List Number: This is very important. You can find from the weekly auction list excel file and fulfill in the form. So we know which car you are interested in.
  • Maximum Bid Amount: This is very important. Based on Starting bid amount in excel file, you can suggest Maximum bid Amount which we will join a auction and stop bidding at your maximum bid amount.

Once we receive your form, one of our international agent will contact you via what’s app and confirming your Auction Service Form. We will issue the invoice of $1,000 Join Auction Deposit amount, and you can pay via Paypal or the wire transfer. All wire transfer information you will find from the invoice we will be providing via email you submitted. Importantly, this $1,000 Join Auction Deposit MUST to reach our account before Tuesday 3 Pm Korea Time because The auction bid will start on Every Wednesday.

Importantly, this 10% deposit MUST to reach our account before Tuesday 3 Pm Korea Time because The auction bid will start on Every Wednesday. We join auction bid based on your Maximum Bid Amount. In case, we won the auction based on your maximum bid amount, we will prepare all auction winning report such the invoice deducted from 10% deposit and 300 USD local transfer costs (Auction yard to UCKN yard to Shipping Yard) on Thursday 12 Pm Korean Time via email you registered.  All those legal emails, we will assign the case number included in email which you can inquiry any time with this case number we provided. * Please note, we do not add any profits on this Auction service but gets TAX return quarterly by Korean Government.

On the other hand, in case your Maximum Auction Bid Amount fails then you have option to get full refund back to your account excluding international wire fee or use that amount for next week auction.

After all your invoice is paid in full and reach our account, we will provide next earliest shipping schedule and ocean Freight Costs to you via email you submitted. meanwhile, we will be providing full inspection report and minimum 50 pictures and video to report car condition. Once we agreed shipping schedule and ocean freight costs then we issue the invoice and provide Surrender B/L for releasing the car at destination port.

Auction Service Form

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