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Our agent will guide you and do following process:

  • Check used car avalibaility and fraud fake listing.
  • Full techinical inspection and report local used car registration.
  • Local transferring and international shipping arrangement
  • Export permit documentation and all legal paper work

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What Will be Inspected and Reported?

    • Basic information written on the page.
    • Chassis no. (V.I.N.)
    • Outer body condition
    • Underbody Corrosion status
    • Engine working status
    • Transmission working status
    • Brake system working status
    • Options working status – A/C, 4WD
    • Audio, Window switch, Sunroof’s working status
    • Extra photos if there is any serious problem or significant difference.

Type of vehicles available for inspection

• Inspection Service is ONLY available for cars and trucks under 1.4 ton within the inspection area.
• Buses, big-size trucks, or equipment items are not available for inspection.

How to Request an Inspection ?

Choose a vehicle and book it. Ask for an inspection to the International agent and get the invoice of the Inspection fee. After you pay the fee, you will get the report within 5 business days.


You will get an invoice of the Inspection fee, USD 99 and you will have to pay the fee before getting the inspection.

Terms of Payment: T/T to Used Car Korea Network bank account or PayPal
*The payment will be made prior to the inspection.


As we take care of the inspection in order to grant you a reliable and comfortable buying experience, there are a few exceptions you should know.

Please see below:
1-Serious damaged car/vehicle
2-4WD malfunction
3-Incorrect information of the vehicle, such as: Engine volume, VIN No, options/features
4-Sold out cars/vehicles

Limitation of Liability

This Vehicle Inspection Report checked by Used Car Korea Network is for customer’s reference only which aims to notify the details of the vehicle’s working status at the time of inspection. Please note that this report would describe the current condition at the time of inspection in the place of location however it would not guarantee any quality or future condition. When the vehicle is sold, it will be sold “AS-IS” in their current status without any warranty or guarantee of future quality.

Thank you very much for your purchase at Used Car Korea Network. Once the car is shipped via vessel, Used Car Korea Network sends shipping document via DHL. To speed up our service, Used Car Korea Network has a guideline for providing documents. Basic documents such as B/L, Invoice will be sent automatically without extra fee as before, however additional documents besides the basic documents will be sent upon customer’s request with extra fees. Please refer to below details.

Basic document will be sent without extra fee.

  • Original Bill of Lading
  • Commercial Invoice & Packing List
    * We don’t send you the C.I. You can download the C.I file on your order page directly.In certain countries the Commercial Invoice is not required. In other cases, the Commercial Invoice is necessary for customs clearance. The following countries DO NOT need to submit C.I documents:
    Chile, Ghana, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Myanmar, Marshall Islands, Vanuatu, CambodiaIf you are in any of these countries and you need a C.I file, please contact and request the document to the CS StaffPolicies related to Commercial Invoice are subject to change depending on local Import regulations
  • Black and White Copy of Title Cancellation Certificate
    only available upon customer’s request (* This is similar purposed document of Title.)

Additional document :  will be sent upon request with extra fee.

    • Color Copy of Title Cancellation Certificate(Not Original): USD 100
    • English Translated Copy of Title Cancellation (Not Original): USD 100
    • Export Certificate in English(no original): USD 100
    • Certificate of Origin(Original): USD 100
    • Other documents(Original or Copy): USD 100
      * Must be requested before purchase
    A document called “Title”(Certificate of Title) cannot be existing and cannot be provided in the process.
    Since the “Original Title” has to be submitted to the government for de-registration purpose, there is no “Original Title” and Used Car Korea Network cannot provide this title. “Title Cancellation Certificate”(color copy version) is a document issued by local government which proves the fact that the vehicle has been legally de-registered in Korea and approved for export.All government-issued documents are electronic documents. There are no physical stamps on it.
    Title Cancellation, Export Certificate, Certificate of Origin and other documents have No physical stamp on it because documents are issued electronically. If your customs office asks documents with physical stamp, show this page and explain. All government-issued documents are electronic documents. There are no physical stamps on it.

Fuel Conversion (LPG to Gasoline)

You might have noticed that many sedans in South Korea are using LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas). YF Sonata and K5 LPi are very popular in South Korea, since LPG is much cheaper than gasoline in Korea. Therefore the Korean Manufacturers, Hyundai and Kia have developed LPG engines during a long time and now they have boosted their highest quality of new type of engine, called LPi (Liquid Propane Injection). LPi engines inject LPG directly to engine as a GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) engine. So it has better fuel efficiency and power than LPG engines which vaporizes gas into the engine. Moreover, LPi does not have ignition problem which was one of the main complaints of LPG engines.

LPi engines have been installed into Hyundai NF Sonata, YF Sonata, Avante, Kia Lotze and K5 since 2004. These cars were very common in Korea, they were mainly used to be Taxi cars, Rental cars and Handicapped vehicles. Since LPi and GDi engines are similar among each other, many overseas customers prefer to convert fuel system from LPG to Gasoline and enjoy the price benefits of cars. Fuel Conversion (LPG to Gasoline) is one of the most common works for exporting cars. You can get fuel conversion (LPG to Gasoline) at reasonable price with USED CAR KOREA NETWORK

The service includes:

-Replacements for related fuel parts: Fuel tank, Fuel hoses and Fuel Pump, etc.

-Change of ECU settings from LPi to Gasoline

-Exclusive use of Genuine Hyundai or Kia Parts

-Applicable models: Hyundai YF Sonata (2009-2015), NF Sonata (2004-2009), Avante (2010-2015), KIA K5 (2010-2015), K7 (2010-2015), Lotze (2005-2010)

Injector Fuel TankFuel Tank SwitchSwitch Delivery PipeDelivery Pipe Trunck Interior TrimTrunck Interior Trim ECU ResetECU Reset Intake MainfoldIntake Mainfold Heat ProtectorHeat Protector Fuel PipeFuel Pipe Fuel PumpFuel Pump Truck Interior Trim2Truck Interior Trim2

Please get a full quotation of LPG to Gasoline from one of International agent.

Want to Save Shipping Cost?

Container shipping is the most secure and efficient way to save shipping cost. Just choose whatever items you want on Used Car Korea Netwrok and ask our staff to handle all those items on behalf of you. We will gather all the items you need into the Container Yard and ship them safely into container.
All the transaction will go through Used Car Korea Network service! And you will get a full customer support throughout the deal! Do not worry but relax.


01 Ask International agent with multiple items.
02 Check the item’s availability & information.
– Get final price from sellers.
– Quote entire shipping cost to your port.
– Shipping documents handlings.
03 Confirm to purchase & send money.
04 Used Car Korea Network  gathers all the items each seller’s ship them safely into container.
05 Shipping by Container Vessel
06 Get the container in your port finally!


Save shipping cost! Container shipping is usually 20%-30% cheaper than Ro Ro shipping.

Use Used Car Korea Netwrok as your agent! We will work for you as your agent here from money handling, shipping arrangement, document handling and even the verification of information!

Get the best deal from Korean suppliers!  Used Car Korea Network will find out the best price from each suppliers.

Accessories Package

  • Roof carrier & Ladder USD 250
  • Full Chrome Set USD 150
  • DVD + Rear View Monitor USD 300

Need more help?

For further assistance, please send your quotation request at each listing page. Our international agent will respond your inquiry earliest.

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