Is it safe to buy through

Yes, We have exported auto parts more than 40 countries for 30 years, so you can buy it with confidence. Additionally, we do have paid full inspection service for your consideration.

What is the difference between UCKA and UCKN?

UCKA is a platform that allows you to auction off cars with a model year and a few defects at a low price, while UCKN is a platform that allows you to purchase better products directly from regular used car dealers without auction.

Does Used Car Korea Network export directly?

Used Car Korea Network only acts as a platform to connect exporters and importers and does not export directly.

What languages do international agents support?

Primarily English, however, we offer services in English, Spanish and Russian.



You can easily check a lot of cars on our platform. You can get information about a car you would like to buy.  Please fill the form, “Contact Dealer” to submit and connect to one of our international agent.



Before ask for the full quotation, you have to register.  Please register and login to request full quotation at each listing page.



Our international agent will provide the final quote which includes vehicle price, freight and extra fee via email and what’s app you registered during a member registration.



Once you decide to buy a car, download the invoice on ”My account” and make sure your information of price and notes about your car. If you want to edit the information, please contact your staff. The vehicle will be reserved to you for 3 business days.



Transfer the money to USEDCARKOREA.NET’s bank account within 3 business days.

Once payment has been made, upload the certification of payment at “My account” or you can send it to our staff so we can upload it to our system.

If your payment is not made within the due date, your reservation will be canceled automatically and it will be exposed on our platform again(삭제요청)



■We only accept bank transfers T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) and Paypal.

We only accept payment in U.S. dollars.

This is the only Bank account of our company in Korea for payment.

  Please do not send your money to any other bank account to ensure your payment.

The buyer is responsible for all bank fees.

Please check the account number when sending the money



After sending the money, upload the bank receipt at “My account” Or you can send it to our staff so we can upload it to our system. Upon receipt of payment, your booking will be processed to the next step, shipping.



After the payment is finished, receive the shipping schedule for delivery of your vehicle.

Once scheduled, shipping information will be updated at “My account”.



Once the date has been confirmed, you can check draft B/L at “My account”.

Please Check the information carefully and ask for a change if the information is incorrect.

After checking the Draft B/L, If you don’t need the original B/L, we will upload the copy in “My account”. Then the Original B/L will be issued finally and USEDCARKOREA.NET will send your B/L via DHL.

B/L is a VERY important document when you receive a car, please KEEP your B/L safe.



you can check the estimated arrival date. when your car is arrived at the port,

we will let you know. then go to the port, you can follow the customs process.

After the customs process, enjoy your car !



If you notice any problems upon arrival of your vehicle, please contact us directly at    USEDKOREA.NET.


Do not disassemble or Fix it. When the engine/transmission is not working at the arrival place, DO NOT disassemble or Fix it. Just take a video and file a claim right away.

If the vehicle were disassembled totally, partially or already fixed, we do not take part in the claim resolution. You have 2 days (48hours) after you collect the vehicle to report the issues of your vehicle.

Can you show me what condition the vehicle is in?

We provide detailed pictures and (video or youtube) of the vehicle to help with our buying decision

Are spare keys provided?

It depends. If you do not find spare keys in the vehicle’s glove compartment, then they are not provided. You will be responsible for making copies when you receive the vehicle.

Can I check the information about the accident history?

You can check the accident history on each listing page based on supplier’s provided information. However, if you apply for an additional service, value USD 99, our inspection team will check and evaluate the accident history  in details.

Is there a buyer commission?

There is no service fee for, but has an auction service fee which varies depending on the price of the vehicle.

Does the price on UCK’s website include additional costs like freight charge fees, tax and duties, etc?

No, these fees are not included in our price. The price on the website refers to the vehicle’s price only. Freight charge should be added to the price when you purchase the vehicle from us. After receiving the vehicle, you will be responsible for paying port clearing costs, import duties, taxes and any additional fees required by your country or the port of discharge.

What are the payment options?

Payment is made through a bank transfer or Paypal to the Used Car Korea Network account. We do not accept partial payment, credit card at this moment.

Who is responsible for paying the bank transfer fee?

The buyer is responsible for all bank fees. Please confirm the cost of this fee with your bank before closing the purchase agreement with our staff.

How long does it take for the bank transfer to be transferred into our account?

A minimum of three working days for reflected in our bank account. Please refer to below our bank information:

  • Name of Bank: KOOKMIN BANK
  • Business Registration #: 658 – 87 -02069
  • Account #: 926168 – 11 – 017115
  • Bank Address: 26 Gukjegeumyung-ro 8-gil Yeongdeungpo-gu Seoul, Korea (ZIP 07331)

Can you provide me with a receipt for my payment?

No, we do not provide receipts. The bank remittance provides an official written record of the payment transaction for both the buyer and seller.

What if I do not find a car I want from the platform?

If you fill in the “Custom Used Car” in the information of the vehicle you look for, the domestic sales team will find the item and deliver it to the customer as soon as possible. Custom order can be purchased with the reserved price but there will be a custom order fee.

I am interested in used auto parts?

If you fill out the part information you want in “Used auto parts”, the international agent will contact you for further information.

Is tracking information available for the shipping vessel?

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide this information.

Why are there changes and delays in sending?

These changes are being made by shipping companies. We have no right to interfere in their decisions.

How long will it take for the shipping vessel to reach my port?

We do our best to ship your vehicle so that you receive it in a timely manner. Depending on the country, it normally takes from 55-90 days to reach the designated ports. Please note that they are estimates based on our past experience and are not guaranteed.

How much is the Shipping costs?

Shipping costs vary depending on the country, port, transportation method such a container o Ro-Ro, and the size of a car. If you use the free quotation next to the detail page, we will check the approximate shipping cost and reply to you. Prior to request full quotation, please double check the price and the conditions of each listing to save your time.

Can I see if my vehicle passed its inspection?

A PDF of your vehicle’s inspection certificate will be uploaded to your website account once it has been received from the inspection agency. However, we charge extra for the vehicle inspection, value 99 USD

How do I receive required documents for import?

If you request it to the staff, we will send it to you via DHL. More information on additional documents is available on the “Additional Service” website.

How can I apply the shipping insurance?

If you request, we will also proceed with shipping insurance.

What documents am I supposed to receive from UCKA regarding my shipment?

You, as an importer, are supposed to receive the following documents:

  • Bill of Lading (B/L)
  • Insurance Document (if your purchase is CIF)
  • Export Certificate (also called the “Deregistration Certificate” or “Cancellation of Registration” form)
  • Commercial Invoice
  • If your government requires, we will also send you the following:
  • Inspection Certificate
  • Export Permit (also called the “Bill of Entry”)

Importantly, It varies by country, so please check the necessary documents before purchasing with international agents.

Need more help?

For further assistance, please send your quotation request at each listing page. Our international agent will respond your inquiry earliest.

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